View Full Version : ECM replaced in truck have a new HEX code

06-24-2016, 11:38 PM
Hi i Had my ECM replaced due to it causing transmission failures. I now have a new HEX code need to have my tunes re written and I am having trouble finding out how to do so on your website

Edit: 2007 f-150 4.6l v8 edge evo updated to gryphon. yes it was returned back to stock before ecm replacement. I have just been using it as gauges haven't had the time to reload the canned tunes. just wasn't seeing where to get the form for the be tunes.

06-25-2016, 08:49 AM
You don't say what model year truck you have or if it's gas or diesel and, you don't tell us what programmer you have, so I'm making a stab in the dark here.

If you have a Gryphon, and you returned your tune to stock before having your transmission replaced, you should be able to simply plug it into the OBD port with the ignition turned on. As the Gryphon boots, you should see the hex code. And, if it was returned to stock, you can restore the canned tunes it had for use on your truck by using Pegasus. You'd want to use Pegasus anyway to upload your new tunes when they are written.

- Jack

06-25-2016, 08:58 AM
Updated op. transmission was replaced awhile ago a few times. the ECM was replaced about a month ago. because it was causing the transmission to apply the wrong clutches and burn up the transmissions. so to avoid any more trans troubles. the ECM was replaced. so i now have a new hexcode, hope that explains everything a little better.

I am having trouble finding the form to request new custom tunes with the updated hex code.