View Full Version : 2004 F150 Lariat 5.4L Gryphon Custom 87 Performance Tune

05-09-2017, 05:51 PM
Hello, today I received my custom tune and I have a quick question. After setting my custom tune, do I still need to manually set the tire size in the tune? Or is it already factored in since it is custom?

05-09-2017, 11:20 PM
Hi r0ck - if you gave your tire size to PHP when you ordered your tune, it should be part of the tune. I found with mine, though, that I got best results by noting the odometer over a long stretch of Interstate, and comparing the odometer reading to the mileage markers. They are quite accurately spaced. A minimum distance would be 10 miles, but longer is better. I calibrated mine after a 100 mile stretch.

There are also various charts put out by tire manufacturers that give you the tire settings you should use for your tires.

In any case though, tire inflation pressure and tire wear will effect the actual distance a tire travels during each revolution. Any value you enter is a bit of an approximation.

- Jack

05-10-2017, 08:14 AM
Thank you Jack,

I appreciate the prompt and detailed response! I haven't had much time to play with the tune and see it's performance, but I believe when I first got the Gryphon and ran the canned tow tune I was getting 0-60 in the 10's. Now with my custom tune, I was able to get 8.19. This is with a Roush CAI, dual exhaust and 285/65r18 Nitto Trail Grapplers. I think this is pretty good with the setup I have, does this sound decent to someone on the outside?


05-10-2017, 09:35 AM
It certainly sounds a good performance improvement to me. In my case, I was more interested in highway passing performance, improved shifting, and fuel economy rather than acceleration from a standing stop. The Gryphon gave me all three. Plus, I was able to monitor the Transmission Temperature, Cylinder Head Temperature and Alternator Voltage while I was towing, which was a big plus for me.

So, if your tune gives you a happier driving experience, I'd say it's doing its job.

- Jack