View Full Version : Any love for 2013 Expedition 5.4l 3V?

07-05-2017, 08:44 PM
As stated in title, any love/tunes for the 5.4l 3v in a 2013 Expedition? I picked one up and am enjoying it so far. It just wouldn't seem right to not at least look into availability of tunes.:thumbsup:

07-16-2017, 07:38 AM
I checked at the SCT website. The SCT X4 7015 tunes a 2013 5.3L 3V Expedition.
SCT link
https://www.sctflash.com/Products/unfiltered-product/sct/SCTX4/sct-x4-performance-programmer?vehicleYear=2013&VehicleMakeId=5&VehicleMake=Ford&VehicleModelId=61&VehicleModel=Expedition&VehicleEngineId=39&VehicleEngine=5.4L%3B+3V&ufprt=355BA44A3CF503DFB64B3D14C91829353B551E67222C 3003E36C1A570A4F17ACFE2D2880642B9C688B718F444C8200 8D37234A9135C333C735968D13AAB84AA499418C759DC4D1D6 2F32D7EB3AA06D9C5CE60100C936AA33A1815BF9243898F8C1 8F98EE1DB56616F1C5007135F2BCBE905B2FB9EC378D96FC5F CA9133F7AAC391F7E97553C70D6BD064CEF38DC71CAB6A2539 22BCC3E527ED77B7332C1E7A75246E374996E043B6393B0AD8 7CE0F8030B1FB9AFB6E45FAAADC616447BC3B2913C225E5985 45F2B2BE6A284EB8C4E8E9A08B9DC3543E2DAC7194ABFE143F 97BFD7189DC1

The SCT X4 comes loaded with tunes for various vehicles.
I'm not sure how many vehicles it can tune but I think this is the same model I helped my cousin purchase for his 2013 F250.

PHP sells them at this link https://store.gopowerhungry.com/en/programmers-accessories/125-sct-x4.html for $399 current price.
They list the SCT with 3 custom tunes for $499 here. https://store.gopowerhungry.com/en/programmers-accessories/227-sct-x4-custom-tunes.html
Or you can purchase custom tunes individually for $50.

I'd say hit them up on the phone, email, or facebook for questions about custom tuning your Expedition as the forum hasn't had much traffic lately.

You sound like me, hard to leave things stock. :D

Come back and give us an update on what you decided and how it worked out for you.

Good luck!

07-31-2017, 10:23 PM
Looked into the X4. I think it covers a lot of vehicles with the canned tunes. As normal, I'm sure custom tunes would be a noticeable improvement over canned. NOT modding is hard to do, but the funny money isn't as freely(or silly haha) spent anymore. Married and kid(S)(plural in a few weeks at most) need reliability high in importance. I suppose I should do the basics first, such as fluids, plugs and boots since it has 98k with not a lot of work history. Maintenance/oil changes I'm sure were kept fairly well as it was a sheriff's vehicle.

I'm selling out the fairly modded diesel and went to this to free up a land/house down payment. Going to be hard to keep it COMPLETELY stock....

08-01-2017, 10:46 AM
Bill recommended the X4 for my buddy's 2013 diesel even with the canned tunes. He's happy with what it did for him.

I'd say give PHP a call and ask them about custom tunes. Maybe a little fun money will show up when you sell the diesel. ;)

Stay away from K&N style filters. I hate that "upgrade". I've had a few and they always let some dust through causing MAF sensor issues down the road.

Congrats on the baby #2!