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Power Hungry Thu, October 15th, 2020 11:45 PM

Forum Decorum
Okay, we're members on a bunch of forums, and they always seem to have a list of rules so we guess that we probably should to, right?

Now, many of you know that I was a teacher in my other life before we started Power Hungry Performance. I used to be overwhelmed when I walked into other teachers' classrooms and found huge posters with, like, 30 classroom rules listed. :notallthere: It would have been much easier to tell the kids what they COULD do instead!

In my infinite wisdom :hehe:, I found a better way, and I think it's totally appropriate for our forum and very easy to remember, so here goes:

We have one rule here: RESPECT
  • Who? Everyone! Members, Moderators, Our Dealers, Other Vendors and Manufacturers, and even the Administrators (that's us! :howdy:) -- even if we don't like 'em (you know who you are!), you can't bash 'em
  • What? Other people's ideas and their right to post about them
  • Where? On the Forum, of course -- but really, it should apply EVERYWHERE (the world sure would be a nicer place if everyone would try it!)
  • When? All the time-- especially when you don't agree with another member
  • How? By avoiding rude language and by not attacking other members, vendors, or products. The Golden Rule applies here, folks
  • Why? So that everyone feels comfortable posting and so that this forum remains a fun place for everyone to hang out!

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