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Originally Posted by JackandJanet View Post
Todd, it's not true that your posts are being ignored. Longshot270, Bill and I all responded in that other thread.

I'm sorry that you don't get a response to EVERY one of your posts though. I can only assume Bill is very busy at the moment and has not been able to make time for you.

Have you tried to talk to them using "live chat" during their phone hours?

- Jack
I wasn't asking for a response to EVERY single post....


You know I have been kinda brushing this whole delayed response thing off for some time now but for some reason your particular response to me really is rubbing me the wrong way. I feel like you are basically telling me "shut your mouth and wait". The fact of that matter is that is has been 21 days since a "note" has been left for Bill and 37 days since Bill himself posted to the "Support" forum.

The last thing I want is for some FACELESS COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE to respond to my repeated requests for some type of update they way you just did. As you can see from my original post, I am in no way in a rush since I have been having this problem for some time now. When someone responds to me and says "I'll get back with you later this evening to get an update ready for you." then that's what I expect to happen. I think any reasonable customer would have those expectations.

WHAT I DID NOT EXPECT TO HAPPEN is for my repeated posts to go unanswered after 37 days or 21 days. A simple "Hey buddy, sorry for the delay here is what is going on" would have been way more professional. I would have even been ok with "I won't be able to get to you until July 21st" because then... MY FREAKIN' EXPECTATIONS HAVE BEEN SET. But hey, this is all BASIC customer service in my opinion and I shouldn't have to tell anyone associated with Power Hungry how to treat their customers.

I don't need anyone to kiss my butt, treat me like a king, etc. during any transaction but I certainly don't want to be ignored like I have been in the so called "SUPPORT" forum. And speaking of support forum, that's where I thought I would get support. I didn't know I had to do a "Live Chat" to rouse someone to respond to my support request. I figured a live chat session should be reserved for more pressing issues for people with vehicles that won't start. I mean, surely you guys have been seeing my posts or getting some type of email saying "Todd Scallions posted in the SUPPORT forums" Wouldn't that & the fact that 37 days has passed set off something in your mind that maybe I should shoot this guy a message. Maybe I should do something, anything....???? I have no idea what you guys do or how you handle it but I work in the support industry too and I can't imagine letting a client sit with no update no contact no anything for 37 days.

Like I said, I'm really not hung up on it the time it takes to fix my issue. I will gladly wait another 6 months if that's how long it will take. BUT yes, if I post an inquiry on the SUPPORT forum as to if I have been forgotten about I absolutely 100% expect a response.

I don't intend to take this up with you any further and if YOU feel the need to respond any further you can do so by email or private message.
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