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Default Hydra seems to be stuck in a single tune?

I have a 2001 f350. I recently upgraded my injectors to 205cc/30% hybrids, and my turbo to a t4. Along with that, I added a hydra with custom tunes to run the hybrid injectors. The truck runs reasonably well, but changing tunes on the chip doesn't seem to really do anything. Going from the heavy towing tune to the race tune doesn't seem to make any difference on power. The quiet mode doesn't change the sound level. I had the tuner adjust the tunes, and it doesn't seem to have made a difference.
The truck runs reasonably well, and I'm under the impression that it wouldn't run at all with the hybrid injectors and without the custom tunes, so the chip must be doing something? Is it possible for the chip to be stuck in a single tune despite the controler showing different numbers?
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