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Old Tue, October 20th, 2020, 10:25 AM
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Shout it Out Live Tune Your 7.3L with Minotaur!

We recently :mega: announced the release of the Minotaur Automotive Tuning Software Package. For $695, you will receive:
  • Minotaur Automotive Tuning Software™
  • Manual
  • RDT File for your truck -- We include 25hp, 40hp, 65hp, 80hp, 100hp, 120hp, 140hp, High-Idle, Valet Mode, and Whisper Mode™ calibrations. These files are for vehicles with no modifications or mild modifications such as Oversized Intercoolers, Exhaust Brakes, Downpipes, Full Return Fuel System Mods, Turbo Housing Mods (for stock turbos), and Cold Air Intake Kits. If you have a heavily modified truck (Injectors, Big Oil (dual HPOP), Large Single or Twin Turbos, Power Adders (i.e. nitrous, propane, water/meth injection), and Modified Transmissions), custom calibrations will have to be written. There is a $50 fee for each custom calibration.
  • A Hydra Chip
Additional blank chips are available for $295 each or $250 each if ordering 5 or more.

After multiple requests, we also decided to offer individual training sessions for using the Minotaur software.
  • The Minotaur Software and Diesel Tuning Training Seminar includes, at a minimum, How to Use the Minotaur Software, Diesel Tuning Basics including Fuel Injection Theory for the HEUI system, Injection Timing, Shifting Strategies, and Basic Modifications for supporting aftermarket components. Other topics that may be covered, time permitting: 6.0L tuning vs. 7.3L tuning and tuning for gasoline vehicles. The cost for individual training is $125 per hour.
  • We welcome vendors to send their employees to the seminar to learn how to tune or just hone their skills, and we offer a discount for multiple employees from one company.
  • Bill is also available for hire! Under certain circumstances, we realize that it would be more cost effective for a company to hire Bill to travel to their location and provide on-site training for several employees at once. Please contact us for pricing and availability if this alternative is of interest to you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the software or the training class!
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