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Old Thu, October 15th, 2020, 10:45 PM
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Shout it Out Forum Decorum

Okay, we're members on a bunch of forums, and they always seem to have a list of rules so we guess that we probably should to, right?

Now, many of you know that I was a teacher in my other life before we started Power Hungry Performance. I used to be overwhelmed when I walked into other teachers' classrooms and found huge posters with, like, 30 classroom rules listed. It would have been much easier to tell the kids what they COULD do instead!

In my infinite wisdom , I found a better way, and I think it's totally appropriate for our forum and very easy to remember, so here goes:

We have one rule here: RESPECT
  • Who? Everyone! Members, Moderators, Our Dealers, Other Vendors and Manufacturers, and even the Administrators (that's us! ) -- even if we don't like 'em (you know who you are!), you can't bash 'em
  • What? Other people's ideas and their right to post about them
  • Where? On the Forum, of course -- but really, it should apply EVERYWHERE (the world sure would be a nicer place if everyone would try it!)
  • When? All the time-- especially when you don't agree with another member
  • How? By avoiding rude language and by not attacking other members, vendors, or products. The Golden Rule applies here, folks
  • Why? So that everyone feels comfortable posting and so that this forum remains a fun place for everyone to hang out!
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