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Old Mon, December 22nd, 2008, 04:20 PM
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Default How Do I Upgrade My Evo?

Let me start off by saying that the Edge Evolution is a great programmer! What many people fail to realize, however, is that the Evo was designed with canned tunes for stock vehicles.

That being said, we receive phone calls just about every day from customers who own Edge Evolutions and are having driveability issues due to modifications they have made to their trucks. The Evolution can't be custom tuned due to Edge's CARB certification, but PHP is able to upgrade Evos to Gryphons so that they CAN be custom tuned to work with modified vehicles.
  1. Fill out the Upgrade Form which can be found on our website's Order Forms page. It is an Adobe file and can be filled out online and saved for your records. When completed, print the form and sign it.
  2. Program your truck back to stock.
  3. Send the form and your programmer AND OBDII cable to us (97-03 F-150 or 7.3L PSD). If your programmer is for a truck from 2004 or later or a 6.0L PSD, we DO NOT need the cable. Our address is on the order form.
  4. When it arrives, we will change the case from the gray/black one to an all black one (Edge had them made for us by the same company that makes theirs). We will also update the firmware at this time. Please be aware that some of the features exclusive to the Gryphon cannot be used on older Evos. Also, if you have a programmer with version number E3.XX.XX or E4.XX.XX, we cannot adjust the menu.
  5. The Upgrade, itself, is $25.00; shipping is usually around $10-$15, depending on where you live.
  6. You will need to download Pegasus, our Client Server, which can be found on our website. (It is similar to Edge's Lightning and Fusion.)
  7. All Gryphons can hold up to three files with the exception of the 6.0L, which can hold four.
  8. Calibration prices are as follows:
    • Custom gasoline calibrations are $60 each.
    • Standard diesel calibrations for trucks with mild modifications (Oversized Intercoolers, Exhaust Brakes, Downpipes, Full Return Fuel System Mods, Turbo Housing Mods (for stock turbos), and Cold Air Intake Kits) are $30 each.
    • Customized standard diesel calibrations for trucks with heavy modifications (Injectors, Big Oil (dual HPOP), Large Single or Twin Turbos, Power Adders such as Nitrous, Propane, & Water/Meth Injection, and Modified Transmissions) are $60 each.
  9. As long as we can access your HEX code, we'll write your new calibrations and load them onto your Upgraded Programmer before shipping it back to you. This usually takes 2-4 weeks, depending on our workload.


As always, give us a shout if you have any questions!
~ Corey

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