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1994 to 2020 Ford Cars All OBD-II vehicles go here. Mustangs, T-Birds, Cougars, Taurus SHOs, Contours, Focus, Mark-VIIIs, GTs, and anything else you can think of will be right at home.
If you have questions about late model cars or just have a nice one to brag about, here's the spot for you, too!

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Old Sat, May 22nd, 2021, 05:13 AM
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Default 2007 Taurus

You know, I can't NOT tinker with stuff. I'm not looking for power - my family had a couple Tauruses? .........uh, Taurii? ...... when I was a kid, a 1989 and a 1992. I love the 3.0L 2v for its simplicity and durability as both of them were near 300K miles when the 1989 lost its 3rd transmission and dad didn't want to resurrect it again and the 1992 was rear-ended.

I recently acquired a 106K-mile 2007 Taurus with the "Vulcan" and a coolant leak. The car looks new inside and out except for some clearcoat on the wheels that began peeling and a LH headlight lens that's yellow (the RH one was already replaced). I fixed the coolant leak (timing cover) and did head gaskets due to lots of rust found in the system/heater core knowing that the small gasket passages for coolant seem to be plug-prone. It has green coolant now so no more rust issues.


Tuning. The PCM looks like a 104-pin EEC-V from the connector end but it's not. The case is different (not by much) so I'm not sure where to go from here. PCMs for these are pretty cheap and abundant on eBay and I'm thinking of buying a spare as a sacrificial tester for reading/reflashing. I'll assume it's an EEC-VI since it seems Ford used that on its more "legacy" models after 2003 or so.

What am I getting into? I'm sure no definitions exist for this from any company but I want to get rid of PATS and the "controlled", load-based torque converter slip in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. It bothers me to no end that unless I'm into the throttle a little bit, the tachometer and speedometer move independently of one another and I can't see, from a durability standpoint, how that is even good for anything other than driver comfort and NVH. It's one of the first things I re-mapped in the '94 Crown Vic when it still had the AODE; kill the slip in 3rd and 4th and just keep the torque converter released in 2nd. Fuel economy via lugging is not my priority.

If it matters, the current hex code is FABMGN2. It's a GSF5 box and there is only one calibration newer and it's GSF6 although I have exhausted searches for the hex code for that....and just guessing at Motorcraft service yields no matches. Although, as most Ford calibrations go from one iteration to the next, I'm sure that the two listed are exactly the same anyway but IF there is a definition available for the hex code of GSF6 (whatever it is) and not FABMG, I'll go to that calibration.


Tuning, flashing, burning chips, and repairing all aspects of 7.3L Powerstrokes.
Six 7.3L-powered vehicles in the stable. Some didn't start that way!

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