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    Re: Gryphon and 'new' truck...

    Thanks, Jack! I hooked up my CTS to the laptop last night and it started to do the update, etc but then the laptop displayed an error message asking me to return the tuner from level 2 to 0 and since...
  2. Re: Moving Gryphon from one vehicle to another...Ford 5.4

    Ah..this was the thread I was looking for. Thanks, Jack! Getting ready to download the Edge App to restore the canned tunes and will call Bill on Monday to see about new ones. Hope you have a great...
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    Gryphon and 'new' truck...

    I posted a thread late last year after my 2005 Expedition was totaled and I was curious about switching my Gryphon CTS to a replacement vehicle. I've found a new truck and was wondering if I could...
  4. Moving Gryphon from one vehicle to another...Ford 5.4

    Hey y'all! I purchased a Gryphon a few years ago for my 2005 Ford Expedition and have enjoyed every second of it. However, the car was wrecked today and in the event I can find another Ford 5.4...
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