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Thread: Custom Tunes for EcoBoost

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    Default Custom Tunes for EcoBoost

    Not sure if this is where to post this question, but here it is. We have a 2014 EcoBoost, and I have been thinking about getting a tuner for it. I wanted to first see what PHP offered as far as custom tuning and programmers before I decided for sure.


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    Hi - I have a 2014 Ecoboost too. I talked to Bill recently and he said he could tune it. I THINK it will use the SCT programmer, but I could be wrong. He told me I'd see gains in fuel economy with it tuned.

    I had a Gryphon in my old 2005 King Ranch and it was vastly improved by being tuned. When I traded it in for the new truck, it was still running perfectly and had had zero (0) problems.

    I'd give PHP a call to discuss tuning your truck. They'll be very upfront about the costs and will NOT try to sell you anything you don't need or want. Please believe me when I say their goal is to make you a satisfied customer. I think you'll enjoy talking to them.

    I'd be having my truck tuned too, but I just bought a pellet stove, so I need to save my pennies for a while. And, so far, I love the way the Ecoboost performs, even without custom tuning.

    - Jack
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    Hey, Dalyn! As Jack indicated, we do offer custom tuning for the 3.5L EcoBoost using the SCT X4 platform. The tuning works extremely well and we've been very happy with the results. The X4 is on the website along with how to order custom tunes. If you have any questions, please give us a shout and we'll be happy to get them answered for you.

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