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Thread: Gryphon (and Evolution) Splash Screens

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    Cool Gryphon (and Evolution) Splash Screens

    Hey all. We've decided to provide the popular splash screen for the Gryphon here on the forums. Now you don't have to go hunt them down on the website. (Okay, they're not THAT hard to find ...)

    If you want to create your own splash screens, the file format MUST be a 128x64 Monochrome BMP image. If you are using a GIF image, you must convert it or it won't load in Pegasus.

    We hope that you enjoy them. If you have a cool splash that you'd like to share, please let us know and we'll put it on here as well as on the website. Otherwise you can post it here for for all to enjoy.

    To use these images:
    1. [Right-Click] the picture you'd like, select either [Save As] or [Save Image As] and save to your hard drive.
    2. Run Pegasus and connect your Gryphon unit.
    3. Click on [Utilities] and then [Change Splash Screen].
    4. Click on [File] and then [Open Image].
    5. Browse to the location of the file you just saved, select that file and then click [Open].
    6. Set the Splash Delay Time to the number of seconds you'd like the splash to display during bootup (key on).
    7. Click on [File] and then [Upload Image] to send the image to the Gryphon.

    If you submitted one of these images to us, please PM or e-mail us so that we can give you credit!

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    Default Re: Gryphon (and Evolution) Splash Screens

    Been looking for a new splash screen. Thanks for posting this up again. Does anyone have the punisher logo?

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