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Thread: Yes, it's a Powerstroke

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    Default Yes, it's a Powerstroke

    Just getting some action in the forum.

    Build pictures on request.

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    I would make sweet love to that truck while whispering innocent yet demoralizing phrases into it's exhaust.

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    and YES!! Build pictures!!
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    How it began:

    Moved the engine forward five inches so firewall modifications weren't necessary:

    2002 Frame and 1973 Frame side by side:

    Front cab mount relocation:

    A SuperDuty regular cab's wheelbase is four inches longer than an older pickup; fixed that:

    Initial cab-on-frame:

    Mmmmm. Hydroboost:

    Sitting pretty:

    Wiring. What I DIDN'T use and what I ended up with:

    Here comes the REAL fun!!!:

    SuperDuty core support, fan, and radiator grafted into the original header panel as well as custom intercooler (OEM wouldn't fit behind grille) :

    Driving (I had a few hundred miles on it at this point):

    Bodywork, primer, and paint:

    More to follow. Interior, etc. I have to take those pictures this morning. I can't leave well enough alone so I have put in a few extra things.

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    Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday I installed a VHAE9J2 PCM in it as well (just like the white 2000) just because I can......although both of them can be switched to any E99-03 PCM within less than a minute without any other changes.

    This one will get 100% nozzles on the AD injectors one of these days.

    I also forgot to say that everything works except the air conditioning (no room for the condenser); the cruise control, the ESOF, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cleatus12r View Post
    I also forgot to say that everything works except the air conditioning (no room for the condenser)
    Damn that's a shame, but oh well. Given how she looks (and runs, I'm sure), it's a small price to pay to the truck gods.
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    I can't stop staring. Bill had to come mop up the drool. That has to be one of the sexiest trucks I've ever, EVER seen. Insanely impressive, Cody!

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    As of today:

    Besides the ESOF controller in the vent, the low-reading tachometer, ratchet shifter, and bucket seats with cupholders in the center console, it looks pretty stock. Yeah, no radio either.
    All of the instrumentation works (I used a Dakota Digital VSS-to-cable speedometer drive that works flawlessly) and since there was no room for the windshield washer reservoir anymore I used the washer button as the TCS (OD off) button. Believe it or not, although the steering wheel is from a 1981 van (had to have a resume button that the 78-79 pickups didn't have), all of the button resistances are identical to the 2002 vehicles. The only thing I didn't have was a 12v constant (two wires vs. three) so the "ON" button is remotely mounted.

    The tricky part was welding a 1973 fuel sending unit to the 2002 mount in the tank. The resistances are WAY different!

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    Very cool stuff there, Cody. I must say though, you have WAAAAAAAAAY too much time on your hands. LOL
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    HAD. Good thing I finished it before the girlfriend came about.

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    HEY CODY!!! When did you manage to get that truck done? that took you less than 2 years? haha great to see you again.

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