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    From someone who hates technology and has a smartphone since only November, this device is the bomb! I love this thing Bill..after only one day. Great idea! Bluetooth control over a Hydra for a 2002 7.3l in a 1973 pickup. It was a natural solution to replacing a spliced-together ribbon cable (two Hydra cables) because the PCM is mounted under the hood by the left headlight.

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    Thanks, Cody. I really appreciate that. We thought we had a really cool product with the Cyclops. I quite enjoy it on my Excursion.
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    Now that I've had two weeks to play with this thing, there are only TWO features I can think of that would make it just a tad more user-friendly. I may be in the minority here since I have three Cyclops on three different vehicles so it's not a big deal if the demand isn't there.

    Of course, each bluetooth module has its own unique designator and I have no issues switching between any of the three at any time. First, it would be SUPER handy to be able to name each one in the Cyclops application according to the vehicle instead of having to remember which designation goes with which vehicle (I can rename them within the phone's bluetooth menu, but it doesn't change them in Cyclops). Second, the application only "remembers" one chip's worth of renamed positions so if I name the calibrations with one chip and then start driving another vehicle, Cyclops connects to the next vehicle but the positions are still named for the previous chip. I'm no programmer so whether or not it's possible to save the calibration name settings for each different bluetooth module is beyond me. Just spitballing.......

    Other than that, PERFECT operation and it's handy as all get-out!

    Thanks Bill!

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