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Thread: Moving Gryphon from one vehicle to another...Ford 5.4

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    Default Moving Gryphon from one vehicle to another...Ford 5.4

    Hey y'all! I purchased a Gryphon a few years ago for my 2005 Ford Expedition and have enjoyed every second of it. However, the car was wrecked today and in the event I can find another Ford 5.4 either Expy or F-150, is it possible to have the programmer flashed over to the new engine? I know Bill doesn't do these anymore and I know it would have to be sent back once another vehicle has been acquired. Just wondering what my options are....Thanks, Gerald

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    Default Re: Moving Gryphon from one vehicle to another...Ford 5.4

    Hi Gerald - welcome to the forum.

    Since you're an existing customer, I feel sure Bill will happily rewrite your tunes for the new vehicle, as long as it is still one that your Gryphon can be programmed for. With that in mind, you won't be able to buy a particularly new vehicle, and, you may be limited to one that is model year 2008 or older. You should call PHP tomorrow during their office hours to confirm what I'm telling you and to find out the model year range your Gryphon/Edge is good for.

    I believe you'll have to pay for the tunes of course, but I doubt you'll have to send it in. Your tunes should be available through the Pegasus PC App and you should be able to install them yourself.

    While you're waiting for tunes, if you have the new compatible vehicle, you can return the tunes on your Gryphon to the canned tunes it originally had using Pegasus too, using the Gryphon Update Manager menu choice. This way, you could use your device on your new vehicle right away.

    I'm assuming you have a monochrome Gryphon. If you have the CS/CTS platform, you would use Edge's Fusion App to restore the canned tunes. And, if Bill previously tuned it, I'm certain he will write new tunes for it.

    Anyway, give them a call and you'll get the straight scoop!

    - Jack
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    Default Re: Moving Gryphon from one vehicle to another...Ford 5.4

    Ah..this was the thread I was looking for. Thanks, Jack! Getting ready to download the Edge App to restore the canned tunes and will call Bill on Monday to see about new ones. Hope you have a great weekend!

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