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    I have an edge that I converted to a gryphon and read on another board that someone with the same tuner was told by PHP that in order to upload a custom tune that he would have to mail his tuner to PHP to get "reserialized" is this true. I am getting ready to order my custom tune and was hoping that have everything done by email thanks

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    Hello, bernied. I moved your post to its own thread, because it really has nothing to do with the question about 89 or 91 octane tunes.

    Now, to your question. You say you have already converted the Edge to a Gryphon. That tells me you downloaded PHP's Pegasus software and used it to do that. Pegasus will also be used to upload any custom tunes you get from PHP. So, the simple answer to your question is "NO", you will not have to send your programmer anywhere.

    PHP WILL need the "hex" or "calibration" code that is in your truck's PCM (its computer). And, to give you what you are really looking for in a tune, you should tell PHP exactly what you are looking for in a tune. For instance, I told Bill I wanted good passing performance in highway driving and better gas mileage if possible. I told him I was not interested in high acceleration from a standing stop and that I did not do much "city" driving in my truck.

    Hope I've helped you with these thoughts.

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    OK that's what I thought, I just wanted to make sure before ordering, I will make sure to let him know that I need a tune to maximize my towing power. thanks

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