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    I posted a thread late last year after my 2005 Expedition was totaled and I was curious about switching my Gryphon CTS to a replacement vehicle. I've found a new truck and was wondering if I could use the CTS in new truck while I wait for Bill to rewrite the tunes for the new truck? I understand the custom tunes that were on it won't work but would it revert to the canned ones when hooked up or would I need to update it online to wipe the old tunes until the new ones are done? Thanks for all the help!...Gerald

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    Hello Gerald. You're right, the old tunes will not work on your new truck. If you update it with Fusion, it will return it to a "canned" setting with the Edge tunes installed. This is the only way it might work on your new vehicle. I say "might" because I don't know if the model CTS you have can be used on a newer vehicle. I think it will depend on the firmware in the CTS. It will either recognize your truck or it won't. If it does, then I suspect Bill will be able to revise the tunes too.

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    Thanks, Jack! I hooked up my CTS to the laptop last night and it started to do the update, etc but then the laptop displayed an error message asking me to return the tuner from level 2 to 0 and since that's nigh on impossible I just unplugged it. I was tempted to hook it up to the replacement truck just to use as extra gauges but wasn't sure if doing that would cause problems so I didn't. I'm going to call Bill in the morning and see what needs to be done and paid for. Am I remembering correctly that the HEX code can be found behind the ECM on the passenger firewall on a 2004 5.4 or is it something else that Bill will need that's behind there?...Thanks, Gerald

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