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    Stacking Tunes ??
    What exactly is this and why would you do it?
    I hear people talking about doing this.
    I have the Phoenix 6, so thought may be the section to ask the question.

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    Don't do it. I don't even know if it's possible to do it and still have an operating vehicle.

    Stacking tunes is conceptually adding another tune to an existing one that's already been stored in the vehicle's computer. A naive person might think that if a tune added, say, 50 Hp and 40 ft lbs of torque, then if you were to put a tune on top of that that was supposed to deliver 80 Hp and 50 ft lbs, then you'd end up with 130 Hp and 90 ft lbs of torque. This doesn't work because all tunes are written as modifications to the stock tune. So, the second tune you added would be trying to modify something it doesn't understand, giving a garbage result.

    And, a little thought might tell you that if two stacked tunes would work, then why not 3, 4 or 5? Heck, we might even be able to get 1000 Hp out of this process.

    I don't believe a single programming device will even let you do this, because it will remove any existing tune as it writes a new one. But, I suppose it might be possible to "fool" a different programmer into thinking the installed tune is the stock tune.

    If I'm wrong in this advice, I'm sure someone from PHP will be here to correct me soon. And, I welcome being corrected if I am wrong. Until that happens, don't try it.

    - Jack
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    With the device you have now, the 6 position chip, the only thing you would be able to "stack" with it would be something like a Banks Six Gun, Stinger, Edge Juice, or any of those injection pressure fooling devices. While it is possible, it's not going to do anything at all for you. The calibrations written to the chip are already giving you more than what your injectors can supply in the first place.

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