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Thread: issues transforming edge evo to to gryphon

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    Confused issues transforming edge evo to to gryphon

    hey guys, im new to the forum and have a couple questions that i hope to get a answer to today lol if im lucky i am trying to convert the edge evo to gryphon. pegasus is picking it up and is showing it as connected... it allows me to see a firmware update and a calibration up date but when i try to update these files, it goes straight to a screen saying that a valid firmware file cannot be found????? im pretty sure that i am doing this all correctly but am not sure what the problem is... only other thing that i thought of, is that it maybe be because it is a 15002. i thought at one time that i had seen something somewhere that said that 15002 cannot be altered in anyway?? i would love to get the evo gryphon'd so if anyone of you wonderful people have any ideas or know if im just stuck with what i got that would be awsome.. thanks in advance guys!!!!!!

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    Default Re: issues transforming edge evo to to gryphon

    Hi and welcome sir! It sounds to me like you're doing everything right, so I don't have any suggestions except to call PHP Tuesday, when they're open, and ask them about it. You'll get the straight answer this way and it won't cost anything.

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    Default Re: issues transforming edge evo to to gryphon

    lol thanks jack but that is not the answer i wanted it!!! hahaha but i did figure as much that, that would be the outcome. hopefully someone else chimes in and may have a answer! thanks again
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