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Thread: hello, im new to the forum, need some help

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    Default hello, im new to the forum, need some help

    Hello, I just got my first programmer and I would like to purchase some custom tunes, I just received my Volant cold air intake and wanted to know how I go about downloading the custom tunes and how long does it take for me to start using them? I drive a 2006 Ford F150 FX4.

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    Default Re: hello, im new to the forum, need some help

    Hello, Joe - welcome to the forum. You will have to order the tunes from PHP and I have no idea how long it takes for them to be constructed now. Bill creates "custom" tunes for you, so they are written for "scratch".

    You don't say, so I'm assuming you have a Gryphon programmer? If so, you will use an application named Pegasus to install the tunes on your programmer. You could, and should, download and install Pegasus now on your PC. Once your tunes are written, they will be placed on the Pegasus server and you can connect your programmer to the PC with Pegasus running and it will transfer the tunes to your programmer. When that is finished, you can immediately use the new tune(s) on your truck.

    You should tell Bill what you are looking for in a tune, so that he can create it to do the job you desire. For instance, I told Bill I wanted good highway performance with improved passing power. I was not interested in fast takeoffs from a stoplight.

    Hope this helps.

    - Jack
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