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Thread: Towing settings causes CEL to come on?

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    Default Towing settings causes CEL to come on?

    So I just got everything installed that I bought from Blackout Diesel in S. Illinois.

    My vehicle is -
    2003 Ford E 350 Passenger Van
    PHP Hydra
    Edge insight 2 CTS
    EAS Turbo Timer
    EAS EGT Probe
    Completely stock otherwise

    All tunes work very well except for the tunes I am most interested in. Tow settings.
    I bought this equipment for longevity and fuel mileage while towing. I’m discouraged that this vehicles main job is pulling car trailers and campers and those are the settings that do not work correctly

    When any of the three tow settings are selected the power drops off , idle slows way down (timing?)
    And the check engine light comes on.
    Switch back to a stock tune or performance tune (any) and the light goes off and it performs as it should.

    I would appreciate any and all advice.
    Thank you,
    Derek Baer

    Baer Knuckle Muscle
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